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”Hi MJ, I am very pleased with the résumé. It conveys that I know a lot about my field and that I have accomplished a lot. I think it will definitely put me in contention for the promotion. I wish I could write as well as you.”

M.S. – Information Technology Manager

”MJ – The résumé you wrote has worked. Thank you for transforming my background of recent part-time jobs into a powerful message about my strengths. I have interviews next week and I feel confident now. I’ll let you know where I land. My son is going to call you. Best Regards.”

S.S. – Administrative Assistant

“MJ, This résumé and cover letter are amazing! I could have never done this on my own. People asked me why I needed to hire a professional writer because they think I write really well. Well, they don’t know what good writing is! Also, the LinkedIn profile is perfect. I see what you mean about the tone and not having it seem like you are looking for a job. You managed to hit all the best parts of my employment in a concise way. In comparison, mine was rambling and didn’t flow.”

C.M. – Director, Platform Engineering

“MJ,  just wanted to let you know I got the Regional Vice Presidents job at ______________ and I start on Monday. Without your help in re-writing my résumé  I would have never had a chance! So thank you, thank  you, thank you!!! You are awesome.”

B. S.  – Sales Manager

“Thanks so much, MJ. You did a great job! Comparing this resume to the résumé I had written by the other company is like night and day. The competition is way too fierce for just an average résumé. Thanks for taking my career documents to a much higher level.”

J. C.  – Executve Assistant

”Hi M J – I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me, all of which contributed to getting my career finally moving in the right direction. I am still with [name of company] and I could not have done it without you. I think about you often and I just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy holiday and a happy New Year.”

R.E. – Corporate Marketing

“I appreciate the amount of work you put into this project and I’m now finally proud of my résumé and LinkedIn profile. Despite all the years I spent helping candidates enhance their resumes, I could not have done this to your level of skill.”

J. F.  – Recruiter

“Hi M J- I got two interviews from the first four résumés I sent out and I accepted one of these positions with a salary $10,000 higher than what I was making when I came to you. I feel foolish that I initially balked at your fee. I am so grateful to you!”

R.M. – Marketing Director

”MJ, Thank you so much for what you did for “H.” You have a great ability to look at a situation objectively. You got to the essence of our son and saw his strengths as it relates to a career choice. “H” floundered for three years out of college, what a waste of time. I wish we found you sooner.”

Parent’s comments H.Y.
 Young adult, no career focus

“Hi MJ, I just wanted to tell you I have gone thru my 2nd interview. Both the COO and the Zone Vice President commented on the incredible résumé you scripted. Additionally the ZVP commented that the cover letter was the ‘best I have ever read.’  Thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving.”

P. B.  Director,
North East Retail Operations

”MJ, I am somewhat at a loss for words. When I came to you I was a mess. It was amazing how you were able to see through all of my poor job choices to come up with the perfect career for me. You are like some kind of mindreader…actually you are better than a mindreader because my mind was blank at that point. Because of you, a have a career direction that I am excited about and that I also know is attainable. I will always remember you.”

C.D. – Future Corporate Treasury Professional

”M J – I have taken your advice and I intend to resurrect my original career. While it may have seemed logical for you to say what you said, people stopped making those suggestions to me years ago. They gave up on me; I gave up on me. Thanks for lighting the fire again.”

J.S. – Career reentry
after long-term unemployment

Welcome! Careers by Choice is a Long Island based résumé service and career counseling firm convenient to Nassau County and Suffolk County residents. Services are offered in-person right in the heart of Huntington, NY.

My practice is a regionally recognized career counseling and résumé writing firm committed to the highest standards of the profession. Simply put: if you’re serious about your career, that makes two of us! With a master’s degree in career counseling and additional certification as a professional résumé writer, I specialize in helping individuals with a very important aspect of their lives—career fulfillment. My expertise relates to helping you identify and pursue work that energizes you, suits your abilities, and meets your additional desires related to salary, benefits, work hours, location, and opportunities for advancement. In addition to helping individuals make good career decisions and prepare for a job searches by creating excellent résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, I frequently help my clients practice for interviews.  

Please view the Credentials page if you would like to learn more about my qualifications and view a list of my twelve publications….

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