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Some applicants feel a bit uneasy or guilty about seeking professional assistance for these projects. They shouldn’t. Applicants should avail themselves of every advantage possible because the admissions process is anywhere from somewhat competitive to ultra competitive! If you have not received high marks and accolades from your writing assignments in the past, it is wise to seek the help of someone who knows how these essays are best crafted and who has done this work time and again.

Admissions essays and candidate statements are some of the most challenging writing assignments that exist. As a professional writer, I enjoy these projects immensely because they allow for, and often require, creativity, verbal flair, and an emotive aspect, which makes them fundamentally different from standard business writing. Typically compact and strict on word count, these essays necessitate concise writing, but one must do so without circumventing important content.

To help applicants, I employ a flexible approach. I can advise on subject matter, suggest minor or significant edits, and if necessary, assist in the substantial rework of entire essays. It is always a collaborative process so that the final work is a true representation of you. My involvement, however, will ensure that your essay will be perceived as well written, engaging, and cohesive.

My experience spans essays destined for ivy-league colleges as well as graduate school programs (medical, medical residencies, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, PhD programs in many disciplines, law school and dental school). If you would like assistance with this type of writing project, please call to discuss your needs. If you have the assignment underway, you may email me your existing work, as is, prior to our chat.

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