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Locating Job Listings

Job listings on the Internet are extensive. There are hundreds of job board sites, some of which list jobs in many categories or fields and some are specialized in only one area. For example, exclusively lists jobs for pharmaceutical and medical sales positions, but lists jobs in almost every occupational category. Right now, two of the best sites are and Both are aggregate sites that compile listings from many other job boards, and in so doing, have extensive listings.

Know that job board sites charge employers to post jobs, and for that reason, along with a company deciding it doesn’t want that much publicity about a job posting, not every company chooses to post to these boards. Instead, they may simply post a job opening on their own corporate website. Therefore, on a regular basis, you should search the corporate sites of organizations that interest you. (different than is a site that scans company websites and compiles their job postings. Like the aggregate job boards, and, this can be a useful, time-saving tool for you.

There are also job listings on the websites of professional and trade organizations. So, if you are interested in a job in the insurance industry, for example, look at the website of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (

You can, and should, also look at Craig’s List ( and Twitter. Craig’s list is hit-or-miss. If you check it a few times and don’t see the kind/quality of jobs you are looking for, chances are this will not be a worthwhile site for your job search. Twitter, however, may be more promising. Companies are using Twitter to broadcast job openings. You can also use Twitter to “follow” recruiters, companies, and people in your field. Try, or but you will need to check it every day because content, job related, and otherwise, is not static on Twitter and is quickly lost. You can use to help you keep up with searching Twitter every day, but the set up is a bit involved.

Facebook can be another tool, but privacy concerns loom big. If you “like” a company, you may receive some useful company news, even about job openings, but make sure you appreciate who can see your posts or your page. Chances are you would not want a potential employer to view your page or posts, so opening up a Facebook line of communication could be problematic unless you are fastidious in keeping your Facebook page entirely professional.

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