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The Almighty Internship

Internships are enormously varied opportunities. An internship may be paid or unpaid and may be full-time or part-time in nature. Some colleges have internship programs that are linked to college courses and result in earned credits. 

Here is a list of the many benefits of participating in an internship:

    • An internship can help you make a career decision by confirming or rebuffing your interest in a particular field.
    • An internship allows you to meet professionals who can mentor you.
    • An internship builds knowledge and confidence for workplace competence.
    • An internship lets you practice communication and teamwork skills.
    • An internship adds a powerful entry to your résumé.
    • An internship can enhance your application to a graduate school program.
    • An internship may result in a job offer after graduation.

Some students feel they are unable to participate in internships. Sometimes this is because they already have a job which pays more than an internship would. Another problem is that the internship commitment would interfere with taking a full load of courses, resulting in a delay in graduation or a summer school obligation. The economic hardship that the above situations might create is understandably concerning but must be put in perspective. The long-term benefit of gaining experience which helps determine or launch a career is significantly more important that a short-term financial set-back. Internships are truly almighty

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