Overview of a Job Search

Once you have a resume and cover letter, you want to share these documents as widely as possible. Techniques include the following:

  • Posting your resume on Internet job boards and registering with those boards to receive notifications when posted jobs match your criteria.
  • Creating, updating, or improving a LinkedIn profile and networking as much as possible.
  • Sending out targeted introductions to hiring managers at companies or organizations that are of interest to you.
  • Contacting recruiters, search firms, or employment agencies (although if you do all of the above, they will most likely find you).

A Short Pep Talk on Job Search

Know that job searching is inherently frustrating and time consuming and some of what happens, or doesn’t happen, is beyond your power to control (such as competing with another applicant who has a better background for the job in question). However, work hard at what you can impact, such as your overall knowledge and proficiency levels, your proper targeting of employers that may need you, your persistence in following-up, and your interviewing skills.

Stay positive and focused and believe in yourself. Press on in the face of turn downs, which are experienced by virtually all job seekers.

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