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Success rates for obtaining work through recruiters vary tremendously depending on the position and industry you are pursuing. Individuals in fields enjoying high employer demand will have much more success utilizing recruiters than those in occupations where employees are more plentiful. Additionally, you are likely to experience greater success with recruiters if you are currently employed and/or at the managerial or executive level. One clear exception to this, however, relates to temporary agencies, which routinely work with junior level administrative people.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but recruiters want to find you and not vice versa. They will do this by posting positions they are trying to fill on various job boards and Internet sites. In that way, they will invite you to send your resume for consideration. They also use the search capabilities of LinkedIn and the Internet job boards to find candidates. You should keep in mind that recruiters are salespeople, not career counselors. They are not interested in helping you find a job in the least. They are interested in you only if you match the qualifications sought by the employer who has agreed to pay them for finding the right employee. Therefore, you will typically not hear from them unless you are someone who meets all the requirements of a position they are currently trying to fill.

Most recruiters specialize by industry or occupation. They have developed relationships with hiring managers or human resource departments in a particular business sector. For example, some are specialists in placing personal assistants, or executive chefs, or Chief Information Officers. Additionally, there are staffing agencies that have a geographic focus. Since many of my clients live and desire to work on Long Island, I provide the names of two local staffing firms, both in Melville: Access Staffing & Adecco Staffing.  


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