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Résumé & Cover Letter Writing

Why Hire Careers by Choice as Your Résumé Writer?

  • Additional Benefits Beyond Just Résumé Writing.
    My status as a Career Counselor (master’s degree in this field) is unique among résumé writers. It qualifies me to offer additional expertise. If you are a bit unsure about your next career move and want a professional opinion about the direction you’re headed, who better to work with than a certified résumé writer who also happens to be a bonafide Career Counselor?
  • I Do All the Work.
    Unlike some résumé writers, I do NOT email my clients information-collection worksheets or questionnaires to fill out. I don’t use them because I know you don’t have the desire or time to write everything down. The reason other writers may require you to complete this step is because it makes their job easier (they don’t have to listen to you communicate your information) and/or because they are secretly or overtly outsourcing your writing project to someone else (an extremely common practice in this industry). That is not my business model, however. I do not subcontract the writing of your résumé to anyone else. When you hire Careers by Choice, you get what you pay for, me, the owner, working one-on-one with you. And information gathering is done verbally. Speak to me…tell me your work history, your employment goals, your concerns, your dreams…I’m listening!
  • I Guarantee Your Satisfaction.
    As standard procedure, all clients receive a proof copy of their résumé and an opportunity to request revisions if desired.
  • I Meet My Clients Face-to-Face, which is the best way to work on a project as personal as résumé writing. Services are convenient to Long Island residents in both Nassau County and Suffolk County as my office is located in a professional building on East Main Street (Route 25A) right in the heart of Huntington.

The Strategy

I write completely original résumés for my clients. My commitment to originality means that your document is not going to look like it’s been created by template software nor will it have any of the tired, overused phrases typically found in mediocre résumés. The résumé I write for you will be filled with accomplishment statements and just the right keywords to separate you from the crowd and get you noticed. Samples of my résumés have been published in eleven or more (I’m losing track!) résumé writing books. A list of those may be viewed on the “credentials” page of this site. Furthermore, I welcome you to my office to view sample résumés. I can almost certainly show you ones I’ve written for clients with a similar background (view list of occupations). However, more importantly than the number of people I see and the volume of résumés I write, are the results my clients get. Using the résumés I crafted for them, my clients have secured dream jobs with premier companies and organizations.

Fees (Your Investment)

Rather than a fee, I think it is appropriate to think of your résumé purchase as an investment. There’s a tremendous amount of competition for good jobs. That’s the reality of job searches and that’s why a professionally written résumé—one that can open doors to interviews—is truly a great value. Furthermore, the intake appointment you have with me, which kicks off your résumé project, will help you in interviews because we will have talked extensively about your work experience.

My fees for résumé writing are reflective of my level of expertise, the significant credentials I have to do this work, and the personalized service I give my clients. I regularly evaluate my fee structure to ensure that I am market competitive with a subset of other résumé writers who are similarly experienced and have a reputation for producing very high-quality work.

There is a broad range of prices since I write résumés across all occupations and levels of responsibility (entry-level to senior executives). Prices for complete résumé development start at $395.00 and rise incrementally. Cover letters are priced separately as not all of my clients need them. 

Since each résumé writing project is unique, absolute prices are quoted, in advance, on an individual basis. The kind of position you seek and the amount of work experience you have (number of years, number of job titles, and number of employers) correlate with the complexity of the project. Those parameters guide me in the price quote.

Get a Price Quote

If you would like a price quote, I prefer initial contact via e-mail and then I will be happy to call you to discuss the project. Within your message to me, please share at least one phone number and the best time to reach you. Additionally, if you have an existing résumé, even if it is old, incomplete and/or horrible in your opinion, I would like to see it prior to our chat.

If you have no existing résumé, please type out a short paragraph with a statement about the type of job you are looking for, your educational background, and your work history (job titles, approximate dates of employment, and employers/industries).

If you happen to have a cover letter, I would like to review that as well. Please use the subject line, “seeking price quote” and send your document(s) to me at Alternatively, just fill out the form on this page.

Cover Letters

When sending your résumé to an employer it is appropriate to include a cover letter and it is actually expected by employers even if a job posting does not specifically mention it. A cover letter is more than wrapping paper for a résumé. The cover letter is an additional opportunity to provide pertinent information, show your individuality, display effective communication skills, and distinguish yourself from the rest of the candidate pool. It gives you the ability to get more personal with the reader and as such, is the closest you can get to building rapport without actually meeting in person.

Persuasive and sophisticated cover letters are every bit as challenging to write as résumés. The one I write for you will quickly command attention because it will not be filled with the ordinary, tired clichés that are typically used by inexperienced writers. Your letter will impress because of its uniqueness, clear message, and excellent choice of language. Cover letter pricing begins at $120.00. More complex letters, such as those needed by management-level candidates, executives, career changers, or others with unique circumstances, are slightly more. As with the résumé service, I am happy to quote prices in advance. Please call me to discuss your needs.