When a Job Search Takes Too Long

If you are in the middle of an unsuccessful job search, there are many things you can do to improve your employment prospects. First, it is time to evaluate what may be going wrong.

Is Your Resume As Good as it Can Be?

Behind an unsuccessful job search often resides a problematic resume. Sometimes the issues are very subtle and only a professional will pick them up. Such issues go well beyond formatting and stellar grammar and include a lack of keywords that employers are searching for, a mismatch between your current job title and the title you are applying for, and a generic summary that does not give the reader a clear idea of the job you want. A good-enough document will not be good enough when it has to compete with many others. If you wonder if your resume might be the root cause of your unsuccessful job search, it is time to have a professional to look and maybe hire them to fix it.  Call or review the resume writing page for additional information.  I provide up-front fee quotes.

Is Your Resume Being Seen by the Right People?

In addition to having a great resume, brutally analyze what you are doing with it. Are you sending that resume and cover letter to the right people? Unless you are looking for a job in human resources, bypass HR departments as much as possible because they simply serve as gatekeepers-screening resumes and culling the pile. Research, though time consuming, can yield the names of managers or directors in the department you belong in. Get your resume on that desk.

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Comprehensive and Optimized?  

Employers and recruiters routinely “look up” potential candidates on LinkedIn. Is your Profile just okay or are you proud of how it looks and reads? Is it sparse or is it comprehensive? Does your picture appear business-like in its mood? And do you have the right key words in your heading and summary so that you can be found in a general search for a person in your occupation? If your LinkedIn Profile is not of the caliper I describe, this could very well be the root cause, or a contributing cause, to your job search difficulties. Learn tips for creating a quality LinkedIn profile.

Are You Devoting Enough Time to Your Job Search? 

An unproductive job search may also be the result of a lack of time devoted to it. Job seekers should be putting in 15-20 hours of effort each week. That time should be spent doing research on organizations, perusing job postings, networking, and preparing for interviews.

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