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Admissions Essays & Personal Statements

Some applicants feel a bit uneasy about seeking professional assistance with admissions essays and personal statements. They shouldn’t. Virtually all applicants are getting guidance, at the very least from family, friends, and teachers. Therefore, it is wise to seek the help of someone who knows how these essays are best crafted and who can provide substantial assistance.

Admissions essays and personal statements are challenging writing assignments. They require, creativity, verbal flair, and an emotive aspect, as your reader wants to know something “deep” about you. Typically compact and strict on word count, these essays necessitate concise writing, but this should be accomplished without eliminating important content. For a personal statement, choose a topic that is a legitimate reflection of your interests or experiences, as many a reader can detect a story lacking authenticity.


Get Help with Your Writing Assignment

To help applicants, I employ a flexible approach. I can advise on subject matter, suggest minor or significant edits, and if necessary, assist in the substantial rework of entire admissions essays or personal statements. It is always a collaborative process so that the final work is a true representation of you. My involvement, however, will ensure that your admissions essay or personal statement will be perceived as well written, engaging, and cohesive.

My experience spans essays destined for ivy-league colleges as well as graduate school programs (medical, medical residencies, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, PhD programs in many disciplines, law school and dental school). If you would like assistance with this type of writing project, please call to discuss your needs. If you have the assignment underway, you may email me your existing work, as is, prior to our chat, or use the contact us page to send me a note, where you may also upload a document. Your communication with me is entirely confidential.