Is it Finally Time to Find a New Job?

Should You Quit Your Job?

Are the waters rough where you work? Do you find yourself thinking more and more about getting off this ship? Though you might not think of your work life as navigating the seas, in some ways, that’s precisely what you’re doing. Sailors know when to change course and when to keep an even keel. Likewise, employees need to watch the horizon and evaluate the weather ahead. Here are some ways you can tell if it’s time to find yourself a better boat, in other words, quit your job. Check all that apply:


box You are earning below the market rate for your job.
box Your company is being out-classed by rivals.
box You have no friends at work or feel alienated from your coworkers.
box You have fewer important job responsibilities now than you did last year.
box You are not getting the recognition you deserve.
box Your health is being negatively effected by your job.
box On your day off, you get depressed thinking about your return to work.
box Friends, family, and acquaintances advise you to make a career move.
box Your pay has not increased even though you have taken on more job responsibilities.
box When you aren’t working, you seldom think about your job.
box Your best skills are not being utilized or you are not very good at what you do.
box You believe your career ambitions cannot be fulfilled at your present company.

Selecting one or two is normal. Most of us moan and groan about work now and then. However, checking several boxes means a serious evaluation of your situation is in order. This does not necessarily mean that you should change jobs. Some problems can be fixed. For example, if salary is indeed the main issue you should, point-blank, ask for a raise. Many employers assume that if they don’t hear from you, you’re happy with the status quo. Divide your list up into the things you can change or at least influence, and the things that are unlikely to change, no matter what you do. If some fall into the second group, that’s a strong indication for moving on.