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Overview of All Services | Careers by Choice

Careers by Choice is a Long Island, New York career services business, serving clients since 2000.  Below you will see a list of all services provided.

Resume Writing & Cover Letter Writing

I develop original, attention-getting, custom resumes and cover letters for an effective job search. Resume writing begins with a comprehensive consultation appointment where I gather the necessary information about your background. I create your resume with expert attention to  keywords, dynamic sentences, achievement statements, and visual attractiveness. You will receive a proof copy for approval and your completed final version is delivered electronically as an MS Word document and as a PDF file. Find out more about resume and cover letter writing services. 

Interview Coaching

Your first-rate resume will get you interviews, but what will you say when you get in there? Be a candidate who is ready and able to answer interview questions skillfully since that’s how job offers are landed. As a former human resources professional responsible for hiring management-level candidates for a Fortune 50 company, I can successfully coach you to answer interview questions effectively. Find out more about interview coaching.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is an important first step for those who are unsure about their career direction. Whether you are a young person making a career decision, or an experienced individual ready to explore options for career change, my goal is to help you clarify your occupational desires, identify good career alternatives, and get you productively moving in the right direction. Find out more about career counseling.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is for individuals who are unhappy in their current work circumstances and are interested in either improving their present job situation or looking for a new position similar to a current or prior one. In coaching sessions, I function as your personal career coach, addressing issues such as how to set the stage for a promotion, job transfer, or salary increase; how to improve relationships with supervisors or coworkers; or how to make the most out of a job resignation or layoff. Career coaching sessions can also provide effective job search tips if you decide to look for a new job opportunity. Find out more about career coaching. 

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for almost all job seekers as well as those who understand the importance of ongoing career management.  Employers and independent recruiters seek employees/job candidates via LinkedIn searches. They also “check out” candidates they already have on their radar. Therefore, creating and managing your LinkedIn Profile is an essential part of your overall career management strategy and/or active job search. Find out more about LinkedIn Profiles.

Educational Pursuits

I help high school juniors and seniors explore career options as a starting point to selecting college majors that will ultimately dovetail with their desired careers. In addition to career decision making, with some of my clients, I also act as a writing coach, assisting in the preparation of personal statements or application essays for entrance into highly competitive programs.