First Steps When You Are Laid Off

When it comes to getting laid off, many of us don’t play the end-game very well. Here are several things to do that will help you move forward to new employment:

1. Ask for severance pay. You may get a few weeks of salary or you may get many months. Even if you get many months, resist the temptation to stay out of the workforce for a while. Employers do not like to see job gaps on resumes.  

2. Ask for outplacement services. Some companies will pay professionals to provide one-on-one job search counseling and resume development services to their laid-off workers. It’s a great benefit if you can get it.

3. Ask for a letter of recommendation. Provide your boss with an outline of some of your significant achievements, responsibilities, and effective personal qualities to help guide his or her writing process. If your employer is not willing to write a letter of reference, or never gets around to it, ask if he or she will take a phone call from someone regarding your employment history. Then say that you would be very appreciative of any kind words he or she might say on your behalf.

4. Get contact information from colleagues so that you can track them down in the future and use them as references if need be. Offer to reciprocate.

5.  Don’t panic. Sometimes getting laid off is a blessing in disguise. For some this is an opportunity to try a new career or get an even better job!

6. Productivity is important. Decide what kind of job you will pursue, get your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile in tip-top shape, practice for interviews, and go confidently in the direction of your dreams! 

Help with all of the above is available. Read about career counseling, resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, and interview coaching