Client satisfaction is a top priority. With an unwavering commitment to helping clients advance their careers, I am pleased to share a representative sample of the hundreds of unsolicited notes of gratitude I have received since I opened Careers by Choice, Inc. in 2000.

– MJ Feld

“Dear M J, Since our [career counseling] session I feel as though I have awakened. It was pretty wild the way we sat and talked and you asked me some interesting questions about myself, and from that you made it all come together and suggested speech language pathology as a career. It is the perfect fit for me. I am pursuing admission to programs and I absolutely believe it is what I was meant to do. I will be forever thankful to you.”

D. L. – 25-Year-Old, Career Counseling Client

“M J, Thank you so much for the wonderful resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile you wrote for me. They have opened doors already. Three interviews and I expect a job offer or two out of this! All the best!”

D. C. – Portfolio Manager

“It’s been a game changer working with you, M J. Please don’t write resumes or coach any other business analysts looking for jobs with _______________. (Just kidding.) I would like you to be my secret weapon! Best wishes for the holidays.”

F. N.  – Business Analyst/Revenue Cycle 

“Hi MJ, I have good news! I got the promotion! Thank you so much for coaching me on how to discuss my value with the executive team. After the meeting was over, two directors told me that in all their time with the company, no employee ever made a more compelling case for a promotion. I could barely keep a straight face. Thank you for the strategy and the tips that made it happen.”

J. K. – Newly promoted to Director of Operations 

“MJ, I am one of your success stories. I was successful at obtaining a school counseling position for September with [name of school district]. The competition was keen. I was told they received over 100 résumés and interviewed 15 candidates. Not only did the résumé you wrote for me make the cut, but the interview coaching was superb. The questions they asked were so similar to the ones you had me practice with you. Feeling so prepared, I was able to keep my nervousness away. Thank you for all your professional help.”

A.M.  – Graduate Student

”Hi MJ. Thank you for such good work. I am really pleased. You will definitely get referrals from me.”

M. A. – Attorney

”Hi MJ, I am very pleased with the résumé. It conveys that I know a lot about my field and that I have accomplished a lot. I think it will definitely put me in contention for the promotion. I wish I could write as well as you.”

M.S. – Information Technology Manager

”Hi M J – I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me, all of which contributed to getting my career finally moving in the right direction. I am still with [name of company] and I could not have done it without you. I think about you often and I just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy holiday and a happy New Year.”

R.E. – Corporate Marketing

“MJ, This résumé and cover letter are amazing! I could have never done this on my own. People asked me why I needed to hire a professional writer because they think I write really well. Well, they don’t know what good writing is! Also, the LinkedIn profile is perfect. I see what you mean about the tone and not having it seem like you are looking for a job. You managed to hit all the best parts of my employment in a concise way. In comparison, mine was rambling and didn’t flow.”

C.M. – Director, Platform Engineering

“MJ,  just wanted to let you know I got the Regional Vice President’s job at ______________ and I start on Monday. Without your help in re-writing my résumé  I would have never had a chance! So thank you, thank  you, thank you!!! You are awesome.”

B. S.  –  Sales Manager

“Thanks so much, MJ. You did a great job! Comparing this résumé to the résumé I had written by the other company is like night and day. The competition is way too fierce for just an average résumé. Thanks for taking my career documents to a much higher level.”

J. C.  – Executive Assistant

“Hey Ms. Feld! I met with you on November 2nd for career counseling and I just wanted to let you know what I was up to. Since our meeting, I have researched logistics quite a bit and plan on taking a certification exam in March. I am really excited as I am ready to make a change and get myself off this island!  It is a field I would not have found by myself and I am so grateful I came to meet you for professional help. I’ll be ready soon to create a résumé with you. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, thanks!

A. E.  – Young adult seeking career direction

“Hi MJ. Good news. My new résumé and cover letter worked wonders. I received several calls immediately following my submission. In addition, your guidance with interview questions really helped. I received 2 job offers. I accepted a position with _________________. Thank you again for your help!”

A.C. – Client Relations Manager

“Thank you, MJ. I look forward to this new adventure and I appreciate your expertise in crafting a great résumé to represent me.”

T.B. – Account Manager

“A couple of months ago I came for career counseling. We also worked on my résumé. I knew I was a challenging situation after so many years as a teacher. I just want to let you know that I got a job I am excited about with ________________, which was a field you suggested that would relate to my education background. The company is training me and I am very excited to being this next chapter in my life. Thank you for all your help with the résumé, which you transformed and for giving me the confidence.”

R.K. – Mid-life Career Change

“Hi MJ. I decided to stay in the property management field and accepted a job offer from __________________ as a General Manager (I will oversee the work of 40 employees). It’s a $20K increase in base salary. A heartfelt thank you for the counseling that got me to realize I needed a job change not a career change and the overhaul of the résumé, which made this particular opportunity unfold. Kind regards.”

C.H. – Property Manager

“Hi Ms. Feld. I just wanted to update you on the results of my job interview with_______________. It went really well and I want to thank you for the excellent interview preparation which helped me enormously. I know this because I receive a call today and I got the job! I start on Jan 5. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.”

M.M. – Physician Assistant

“Hello MJ. This note comes a little late but I wanted to let you know that I am now working for [name of company] as their General Manager at ________. This position is exactly what I was looking for. They were quite impressed with the résumé and cover letter and it definitely put me ahead of other candidates. Thank you for all your help in not only creating a great résumé but also for helping me realize my actual worth. Happy Holidays.”

C.B. – Property Manager

“MJ, hope this note finds you well. I sent my new resume to __________________. I wasn’t optimistic because I know they get thousands of resumes. But they contacted me and I am floored! Thank you so much! My old resume, the resume I had written by the other writer, neither of those got me anywhere. Only yours. I am so happy I found you.”

J.S. – Sales Professional seeking software sales position 

“Just to let you know by last Wednesday I had 3 job offers. Thanks for your help in getting back my confidence and for writing the résumé and cover letter that made my phone ring!”

J.F. – Insurance Claims Specialist

”The résumé is great. The cover letters are a work of art!”

E. H.  – Healthcare Administrator

“MJ, I just wanted to let you know that ______________ enrolled at Penn State and he is going to major in Energy Engineering. He has a plan for his career and it’s all because of you. I am so glad we had the session and didn’t just let him chose a college based on location, size, and reputation. If we did, he would have never wound up in a college with that great major and the great employment prospects it will bring him. If I had anymore children I would bring them to you, but I’m done. An empty-nester now!

S. P. – Parent of High School Student

”MJ, I am somewhat at a loss for words. When I came to you I was a mess. It was amazing how you were able to see through all of my poor job choices to come up with the perfect career for me. You are like some kind of mindreader…actually you are better than a mindreader because my mind was blank at that point. Because of you, a have a career direction that I am excited about and that I also know is attainable. Thank you for your wisdom. I will always remember you.”

C.D. – Future Corporate Treasury Professional

”Hi! I am interviewing for the position of Executive Director at [name of non-profit]. They called my cover letter and résumé “sophisticated” (kudos to you, MJ). They challenged me with some of the toughest interview questions imaginable but your interview coaching was invaluable and I nailed it ;-)”

K.C. – Executive Director, Professional Association

”Hi M J – The résumé is very, very good. Everyone I show it to loves it. The addition of all the key words and making the employment dates more concealed was an excellent strategy. I will call you tomorrow about interview coaching. I want to rehearse what to say about the job gap.”

F.B. – Sales Manager

”Hi MJ.  You wrote my résumé, cover letter, and Linked In profile a little over a month ago. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I accepted a job offer for a human resources position in Melville this past week. I was told by several people that my résumé was “phenomenal.” I kind of new that because as soon as I started applying to companies, it only took a few days before I started to hear back. In the past three weeks I went on three job interviews, got two offers, and now have the job I want. Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to working with you again to update my résumé in the future. Kind regards.”

L. P. – Human Resources Manager

”M J – I just started working for a new company as a Project Manager in Manhattan! The new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile you wrote for me helped make it happen, but only after you steered my career in the right direction and gave me the confidence to even make a move.”

J.A. – Electrical Engineer

”M J – I got a job at a firm located in Garden City. I don’t have to commute to Manhattan anymore. They said the résumé was so comprehensive that it eliminated a lot of the questions they were going to ask me on the interview. They spent the interview time telling me about the firm. Whew!”

J.D. – Law Librarian

It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Thank you for the extra information you just sent. I will have no hesitation recommending your services to anyone who asks. Happy Holidays. Best Regards, “

N. V. – Sales Manager

“Hello MJ,
I was beyond impressed with the end result. The format, wording, and descriptions were all top notch. This was most definitely a great investment. Thanks again for all of your help.”

J. P.  – Content Writer

I want to than you so much! I already got a new job in another type of law. They loved my resume! I’m sending everyone to you!”

J.B.  – Legal Assistant

I am happy to say I started with <name of company> this week. Thank you for the interview coaching, what a difference that made. So many prior opportunities probably missed because I was giving bland answers. I enjoyed working with you but hope to never have to see you again (LOL). “

S.S.  – Program Manager

I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that I received a job offer from _________ . They are an excellent accounting firm. It wasn’t until you rewrote my resume that things started in happen with my job search. I regret all the wasted time when I was using that inferior resume from that online company and I didn’t even realize it was not good enough. I am so happy about this job and I have you to thank, so THANK YOU! I will be spreading the word to other young professionals.”

T.G.  – Accounting, young in career

“Dear MJ,
Wanted to let you know that I received many positive comments on the resume, including the Head of Venture Operations at ___________and a top headhunter at _____________. I gave the headhunter your name because he wants to refer clients who need a rewrite. Wishing you a great holiday season!”

E.C.  – Senior Analyst, real estate acquisitions 

”MJ – The résumé you wrote has worked. Thank you for transforming my background of recent part-time jobs into a powerful message about my strengths. I have interviews next week and I feel confident now. I’ll let you know where I land. My son is going to call you. Best Regards.”

S.S. –  Administrative Assistant

“Hi MJ,
I wanted to let you know that I will be starting the [name of  University] Accelerated Nursing Program in January. I am thrilled to be finally pursuing the right career for me. The career counseling with you was the first time I thought deeply about who I am and what fits me. Crazy right? I needed you in high school, but better late than never! All the best and I thank you deeply.”

M. H.  – Career change to nursing 

“Thank you, MJ. Resume and cover letter are amazing, as always.”

P.Q. – Employee Resources Manager 

“Hi MJ,  I’ve been getting a lot of traction with the new resume and LinkedIn page. I have three interviews lined up and it’s because of your work. I am annoyed that I did not call you sooner, four months of job searching with an inferior resume that got me nowhere. My boyfriend, _______ is going to call you. Please do the same for him.”

L.C. – Client Success Manager 

“A big thank you, MJ for the resume and LinkedIn profile you redid for me. The work was amazing and well beyond what I had before from another resume service. After sending the resume out, I quickly got an invitation to interview and then a job offer, which I am accepting. I was told the resume was the best one they received, which paved the way for an easy interview. You are the best!” 

C. E. – Compliance Officer

“MJ, working with you was a pleasure. With the revisions you did to my résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn page, removing all the repetitive wording and transforming my simple sentences, it is finally focused on my strengths and what I can offer to potential employers.  I could not be happier. Thank you again.”

J. S.  – Finance Professional, Director-level

”Dear MJ, I worked with you back in September, to create an admissions essay to be used to apply to graduate programs. I just wanted to say thank you and inform you that I have not only been accepted to the university, but I have also been offered a paid assistantship in the psychology department. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance as it relates to knowing just what to write in that essay as well as your eloquence.”

M. D. – Graduate School Candidate in Psychology

”M J – Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the résumé and cover letter. Over the weekend, my wife and I read it several times and couldn’t help being thoroughly impressed. We see no changes necessary. Thanks again.”

L.O. – Technical Writer, Information Technology

”Good Morning MJ. As I told you on the phone before we met, I was skeptical anyone could help me get my career back on track. That because I had twelve years out of the workforce being a full-time mom, no willingness to do anything related to accounting, no interest in going back to school, and clueless about what I even wanted. I am so amazed that you came up with a great idea for me. The excitement I expressed in your office is still with me days later so I know this is the real thing. And just as important, you gave me a plan. Mike has already agreed to take me on as an intern and teach me what I need to know to enter the field. This is going to work. I am so grateful.”

N. W. – Career Changer

”MJ, Thank you so much for what you did for “H.” You have a great ability to look at a situation objectively. You got to the essence of our son and saw his strengths as it relates to a career choice. We never knew about the field of market research before, but “H” is excited about it. I see why you feel it’s a good choice for him and I agree. “H” floundered for three years out of college, what a waste of time. I wish we found you sooner.”

Parent’s comments H.Y. – Young adult, no career focus

“Hi M J- I got two interviews from the first four résumés I sent out and I accepted one of these positions with a salary $10,000 higher than what I was making when I came to you. I feel foolish that I initially balked at your fee. I am so grateful to you!”

R.M. – Marketing Director

“The human resource manager at [company name] interviewed me yesterday and said my résumé was one of the most well-written ones she had ever read. I made it to the next level. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. You are truly great at what you do.”

J.B. – Corporate Attorney

“I hope you remember me. Actually, I think you must because I have got to be one of your all time difficult situation clients. This note is to thank you deeply for what you said to me last year. I didn’t expect to be rescued by anyone after the mess I made with my life, least of all a career counselor. I used your advice to repair the relationship with my boss so my reputation would not suffer and I would have a good reference. I now have a new job. I am a client success manager working for ___________________. Life is better with my family too! I’ll never forget what you did for me, MJ. All the best in YOUR career endeavors (right back at you!) ”   

J.J. – Client Sucess Manager 

“Hello MJ,  I am thrilled with my new résumé  and cover letter. I think your work is outstanding and I’m so glad I ended up looking for help and finding you.”

B. O.  – Vice President, Marketing & Communications

“I appreciate the amount of work you put into this project and I’m now finally proud of my résumé and LinkedIn profile. Despite all the years I spent helping candidates enhance their résumés, I could not have done this to your level of skill.”

J. F.  – Recruiter

“I’m taking a break for all this new-hire paperwork to say “thank you.” With your help I received requests for three interviews all at one time. I’ve gone ahead and accepted a full-time position as a Field Analyst in the Orlando area. Thank you again for the wonderful résumé and cover letter. I’ve already recommended you to a few friends.”

A.L. – New Grad, Environmental Science

“Hi MJ,  I can’t thank you enough for making a project I though could never happen, happen. The resume is wonderful and you commitment to my project-working on the weekend to help me meet a tight submission deadline was more than I expected. I’m going to be interviewed next week”

L. V. – Branch Manager

“Hi MJ, I just wanted to tell you I have gone thru my 2nd interview. Both the COO and the ZVP commented on the incredible résumé  you scripted. Additionally the Zone Vice President commented that the cover letter was the ‘best I have ever read.’  Thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving.”

P. B.  – Director, North East Retail Operations

“MJ,  I just wanted to inform you that I got the job!!! Thanks for being such a huge part of the process and helping me along the way. I’m overly grateful for everything. This is really life changing. thanks so much!! Kindest Regards.”

P. Q.  – Young Career Professional in Human Resources

“I had my first set of meetings today with hedge funds. The bio has worked well and has been met with rave reviews. Thanks. Great job!”

R. S. – C.E.O.

“Hi MJ, Hope you are having a good week.  I told a few family members about our first meeting and they were impressed by your career ideas for me. This is no small compliment as your suggestions were better and more doable than anything suggested to me in the last two years by countless people who tried to give me advice.  I wish I had found you a few years ago and I am excited to have our next session.”

J. D. – Mid-life client in need of an entirely new career

“I want you to know how instrumental and life changing my experience has been with you.  I felt like a big giant jigsaw puzzle when I first came to see you and you helped me to fit all the pieces together.  I am grateful and look forward to working further with you. Gratefully yours,”

D. R. – Social Worker

“Dear MJ, After the wonderful résumé and cover letter you wrote in late January, I was offered a full time career as a research associate at ____________. They offered me a wonderful benefits package and the position has room for advancement. I would like to thank you for your service. It was excellent and I would recommend you to anyone.”

G. M.  – Real Estate Market Research Analyst

“Hi MJ, I am pleased to inform you that my job search has come to a successful conclusion. Last Friday, I was offered a position within the Treasury Operations department.  I would like to extend my warmest thanks to you for your encouragement and the excellent advice you provided for my job search. With best regards.”

K. L.  – Financial Analyst

”Hi MJ. I hope you will remember me.  Two years ago I used another writer to update my résumé because I needed something fast and you were booked up for two weeks.  I spent $350 on a piece of junk and never used that résumé as I decided to stay with my company. Now I am ready to move on and I desperately need you to overhaul it and do it the right way. With my tail between my legs I ask you to take me back as a client and I promise to never stray again!”

Q.B. – Director of Field Operations

“I wanted to send you an update! I found a new job! In fact, I received TWO job offers. One from [name of company]  and the other from [name of company]–both excellent opportunities. I ultimately decided to accept the offer with [name of company] as a Digital Marketing Specialist.  I will be making  $12,000 more than what I’m currently making! I truly can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance in making my cover letter and resume stand out in the crowd! :)”

M. F. – Marketing Professional

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help, not only for classing up my résumé, but also for the advice and coaching you provided thus far.”

J. D. – Sales Engineer

“Resume is awesome. I showed it to several people, including my cousin who is an SVP in HR and they were all impressed. No editing needed. Thank you so much!”

K. A. – Career Redirect into Project Management

“Dear MJ, Hope this finds you well. Thanks for the great résumé. I am so glad I decided to have you work your magic on it once again so that I could walk into the interview with something entirely up-to-date. I think the interview went very well. They were particularly interested in the specifics of the integration project-you were right to move that to the top of the page and showcase it. I’m giving my cousin your name. He’s been looking for a job way too long and I think his résumé is the problem. (You have turned me into a résumé snob!)”

J.T. – Risk Manager

”Hi M J – I have a start date of September 15th. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and expertise. I know that my résumé was an enormous factor in landing this position, which is actually my dream job.”

 V. G. – Director of Product Development & Merchandising

“Hi there MJ! I wanted to let you know how much I got out of our [interview coaching] session. I am so glad Andy referred me to you! As you saw, I was rambling on and on with my answers and I didn’t even realize it. I have been practicing what you suggested at home and I did the writing assignment. I see a big difference. I do think speaking in this new way, and slower, makes me sound more thoughtful and intelligent. I have an interview next Wednesday and I think I am going to nail it!”

M. S. – Food & Beverage Manager

”M J – I have taken your advice and I intend to resurrect my original career. While it may have seemed logical for you to say what you said, people stopped making those suggestions to me years ago. They gave up on me; I gave up on me. Thanks for lighting the fire again.”

J.S. – Career reentry after long-term unemployment


“Everything looks great. No contest for how this resume and cover letter are way better than what that other writer produced for me.  Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely be recommending you to others.”

B.S.  – Corporate Accounting

 “After carefully reading, all I can say is WOW! I must thank you for all the time you took with me, getting me to recollect things I did years ago with your pointed questions. This resume is impressive. I am badgering my kids to come and see you.”

J. B.  – Operations Manager 

 “Good Evening MJ,

I just wanted to let you know that I am good with the last revision. I appreciate your attention to detail and quick response. It was delightful working with you and I wish you all the best as you continue to help people like myself.

C. B.  – Nurse Practitioner


“Hi MJ,

I just wanted to personally thank you for helping my son. He said his interview coaching session went well with you and that you gave him numerous tips. That was encouraging, but I was amazed that his very next interview, with a great company, resulted in an offer. Finally! This is a big deal on so many levels because he, and my husband and I were getting demoralized by all the rejections. I can’t thank you enough!!”

M. M.  – Mom of a college student


“MJ, I have good news to share. I was accepted into the master’s program and I was told in the interview that they thought my personal statement was the best they ever read. I owe you the credit. Thank you for your expertise in guiding me in what to write about and how to tell my story in a more compelling way. That made me stand out. I also learned how many candidates there were and that the program only accepted 14 people. I am on my way and I feel so lucky. I am forever appreciative for your help in making this happen.”

M. M.  – Applying to a highly competitive master’s program

“Good Evening MJ, both my résumé and cover letter look amazing. You are seriously, one talented lady.”

A. K. – Executive Assistant