Privacy Policy

Careers by Choice, Inc., only has access to personal information you voluntarily provide via email message or the contact us page. Such information is only used to respond to your inquiry. No information is shared with any third-party, unless you expressly ask that someone else be contacted after we start working together. Typically that “someone else” is a family member or therapist you would like informed about your career situation. The Company considers such requests carefully and reserves the right not to speak to a third-party about your situation if it is believed such disclosures best come from you. Of course such a possibility would only occur after you have engaged services. All reasonable precautions are taken to protect your identity and information about your career situation and employment. Confidentiality is practiced in accordance with the ethical principles of the career counseling profession. 

 The website contains a very small number of links to other sites considered reputable and related to career help or job search. Careers by Choice, Inc., has no jurisdiction over the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave this site.